Parkwood Management Company (London) Ltd


Our role as Managing Agent encompasses the usual management services one would expect within the standard fee. These include:

Managing your building:

  • Carrying out quarterly inspections and advising on health and safety matters.
  • Receiving and dealing with residents’ complaints and queries.
  • Supervising and managing on-site staff such as porters and foremen.

Financial services:

  • Invoicing and collecting service charges; maintaining appropriate ledgers (including any sinking fund). Debt collection including referral to solicitors for action.
  • Collection of Ground Rents (if applicable), arranging insurance and appointment of solicitors (if the Freeholder is the Residents’ Management Company).
  • Preparing and reconciling income and expenditure on a monthly basis.
  • Liaising with the auditor and accountants.

Working closely with Directors:

  • Liaising with and reporting to Directors/residents representatives on a regular basis and notifying them of any responsibilities they have under the Leases.
  • Liaising with the Directors to plan the Annual General Meeting, arranging accommodation, notifying residents, taking and distributing minutes (included in the Company Secretary fee).

Liaising with contractors:

  • Supervising the day-to-day work of contractors, receiving invoices and arranging payment.
  • Obtaining tenders for all necessary minor work and providing the Directors with information to enable them to make a decision.

Working with Insurers:

  • Liaison and correspondence with Freeholder over insurance and other matters (if the Freeholder is not the Residents’ Management Company).
  • Processing buildings insurance claims.

Acting as Company Secretary:

  • In the capacity of Company Secretary, negotiating and corresponding with HM Revenue & Customs, Companies House and the Residents’ Management Company’s bank.

Working with Solicitors:

  • Correspondence with residents and solicitors regarding flat sales (subject to administration charge).
  • Liasing with Solicitors in relation to Lease extensions and other legal matters.